Friends of the State Street Family - Help and Hope to Madison's Homeless

Friends of the State Street Family

Our Mission is to alleviate human suffering by providing help and hope to people experiencing homelessness in Dane County by connecting them with essential resources.

The resources in Madison are overburdened and unable to meet the basic survival needs with the current homeless population. Friends of the State Street Family works to fill the gaps that impact those who are on the street and in desperate need.

The values we anchor to are dignity, collaboration, friendship, trust and community.

We work to develop trust and foster a relationship… to become a friend. Our goal is to help our friends on their journey to permanent, supportive housing, support for sobriety, trauma counseling, medical or mental health care. This includes networking with our partners in the Madison community. This collaboration strengthens us all in our ability to help our friends.

Friends of the State Street Family provides help and hope, giving our friends basic need services for survival.

URGENT – Emergency Survival Items Needed

Supplies ordered from our Emergency Survival Items Amazon Wishlist are sent to our Outreach Teams for immediate use.


Unless you specify during the donation process, we apply any donations to the highest priority need any given day. If you prefer not to donate online, you may purchase items at any local store as well. E-mail us to confirm the need for and coordinate the drop-off or pick-up of any of the emergency items listed above or on the Amazon site linked here.  Thank you for your continued support of FSSF! The volunteer nature of our work together is powerful and life saving