MADISON (WKOW) — As this sudden cold snap takes hold of the area, it’s threatening some of Madison’s most vulnerable.

For much of the Madison area, the sudden blast of frigid air came as a bitter surprise. Most of those left unaware simply felt uncomfortable and unprepared, but for many, preparing for dangerous cold can be a life or death scenario.

That’s where the Friends of the State St. Family come in. The group does a walk through downtown almost every night to ensure those without a place to go have what they need to make it through the night.

Jeff Turk, one of the volunteers and communications manager, said that can look different every evening.

“We’re an outreach organization that tries to be a first responder so to speak,” he said.

Some nights that means providing meals and clothes. Monday night, it meant bringing along more winter supplies like handwarmers and blankets.

It also meant asking a few tough questions.

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