Most people like to escape the cold. During the past 24 hours, Madison has felt the coldest temperatures it has had in years. While many are able to find warm shelter inside, some are not as fortunate.

“The biggest reason is probably because they might be a couple. Married folks can’t go to shelter. They may have pets which is a big thing,” said Friends of the State Street Family communications manager Jeff Turk.

Turk says many of the people who volunteer for Friends of the State Street Family do their best to make sure people who live on the street have somewhere safe to go, especially when it gets this cold.

“When you’re out in this weather and you’re out in it for two minutes, you feel it. There are people that live in this,” Turk said.

The volunteers can be seen as people who are more than just friends. They are people who care about homeless people’s safety. People like Megan Wood.

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