Emergency Outreach Line 608-535-9694

All efforts are made to return calls made to our voice-to-text outreach line within 24 hours. Please leave your name and contact information so we are able to return your call. If you don’t have a phone, we are able to return calls to the Beacon or you can connect Wednesday mornings at First United Methodist with our Breakfast Club in the Octagon.

Friends of the State Street Family relies on the generous financial and in-kind gifts from our amazing donors. For this reason we will try our best to fulfill reasonable special requests, but fulfillment is not guaranteed.

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Megan Wood

Board of Directors Vice President

Jeff Turk

Board of Directors Treasurer

Carol Ellis

Board of Directors Secretary

Tracy Tiedeman

Media Director

Tracy Tiedeman

Fundraising Director

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Public Relations Director

Brad Schlag

Outreach Director

Beth Maglio

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Jolynn Stenehjem